Why are the autocomplete suggestions different for HTML when starting with a opening tag < or not


It is probably not so efficient writing a opening tag < every time you work a tag, but I am so used to it. Is there a way to get the same autocomplete suggestion when stating with a opening tag <?

Here is a screen grab of what is happing:
My rouble with

Also another small annoyance of mine: when you type out the whole tag like say a div because its so short the suggestions will disappear is there a way to not have that happen? like say it will only disappear when you type a space behind the word?


The suggestions starting with the < are probably from the autocomplete-html package and the others are probably provided by the autocomplete-snippets package.


It is, but this is not an answer to my question


You could suggest a change to whichever one you consider incomplete to add the others.


We often, almost always, refer questions to the package responsible. There are a zillion packages and we can’t support them all here. Especially since they are constantly changing.


To be fair, both autocomplete-html and autocomplete-snippets are part of Atom’s base installation.


Thanks for starting this thread. This matter was bugging the heck out of me as well, but I can live with it now that I know that not including the opening bracket will do the trick I was looking for :slight_smile: