Why are tabs not used when opening new files?


If I right click a file in Windows Explorer and select “Open in Atom” from the context menu, the file is opened in a new window. From within Atom, if I select a file from the side bar, it replaced the file currently in the open tab.

Is it possible to have new files opened in a new tab in the current instance of Atom?



On my computer, Atom does open new files in tabs in the existing window. I’m not sure why yours doesn’t.

When the tab title is italicized, this indicates that the tab is pending and will be replaced by the next item opened. You can disable pending items by going into Settings and unchecking the Allow Pending Pane Items setting under Core Settings. It’s right at the top.


If you don’t want to disable the setting, simply double-click on the file you want to open instead.


Damn, I forgot to include that. Thanks.