Why are some snippets not working?



2 days ago I have switched to Atom from ST3 and I love it.
To keep as many things from Sublime Text I translated the XML Snippets from Sublime Text into the cson snippets of Atom.
The problem is from my 3 snippets only the ‘class’-snippet is working. I also have a Python Body snippet and a snippet to setup a Hello World dummy (just 4 fun). The class-snippet is called by class and the others should be called by pb and hw.
Now I was thinking maybe the abbreviations are to short and changed them into pythonbody and helloworld but that didn’t help either. All scopes are set to “.source.python”.

These are the 2 snips that are not working:


you can’t repeat the ‘.source.python’ entry
everything has to be under the same key, else only the last key is used.


Please see the FAQ: