Why are core packages different from other packages?


Right now there is no easy way to uninstall, update, or replace the core packages.

A lot of the core packages aren’t used by most people so it seems ridiculous to force people to have them installed. (e.g. most language-* packages) I can see these being installed by default to help new users, but at least let users uninstall the ones they don’t need if they want to slim down Atom.

This also creates the problem that when one of those packages are updated the user has to wait until the packages are released with Atom to use them.

For example, the currently released language-php doesn’t support heredocs and often fails when using them, but this has been fixed in the latest version of language-php for about a month and users will still need to wait until Atom 1.17 is out.

The core packages that are not required for Atom to run should just be like any other community packages that can be installed locally or from a git repo and uninstalled if the user doesn’t want them.