Why are certain letter prefixes a different color in C and C++ modes?


I’ve seen “g” and “k” being used as prefixes in certain libraries, but I can only guess that “g” means global. Does anyone know why “f”, “g”, “k”, “m”, and “s” are a special form for the syntax highlighter? I can’t find this pattern in the syntax files, and it doesn’t look like Hungarian notation, since that uses different prefixes.


Here’s the answers to g, k, and s. They seem to be “mac-classic”? https://github.com/atom/language-c/blob/17ff20f46cee8bb075ac599ea314c043092a1733/grammars/c.cson#L33-L45

And here’s f and m. https://github.com/atom/language-c/blob/17ff20f46cee8bb075ac599ea314c043092a1733/grammars/c%2B%2B.cson#L46-L50