Who's going to CodeConf?



I’m speaking at CodeConf and was wondering if anyone else is planning on going?


I would have liked to, but I’ll have to plan for it a bit more in advance next time.
You’re going to speak about the community?


I’ll be speaking mostly about the lessons I’ve learned in moderating Discuss for the past year: conversational styles, strategies I’ve used (or attempt to), my philosophy on what it takes to be a good moderator, etc.


I hope the whole thing gets youtubified?


I haven’t heard what the plans are for that. I’ll definitely update here as I find things out :grinning:


Ok great. I’m sure everyone who can’t make it would be keen to see the video(s).


Congratulations! I’d love to go and see you speak, but it’s a few days before my thesis is due… So instead I’ll be stressing the hell out :stuck_out_tongue: and if possible watch the thing on youtube. Good luck!


FWIW, I’ll be there.


I’ll be there too, @leedohm and @mark_hahn I hope to see you there to drink a :beer: with you.

@olmokramer, good luck for your thesis!


I can’t wait to see if @abe and @leedohm look like their avatars. Unfortunately I look like mine.

Everyone should have to wear their avatar on their badge. I’d recognize the avatars before I would the names.


I have seen people wear a shirt with their avatar printed on the front and back, in order to be recognized.


It was a self-portrait made some years ago, fortunately I haven’t changed much since then :wink: (except for the cap).


Nice work. How much would you charge to draw me?


It’s been ages since I’ve made serious drawings so I won’t charge you, send me a picture eventually and I’ll see if I can make you something for codeconf :wink:


Careful what you’re offering, soon we all ask for one. :smiley:


I’ll be there! :sunglasses:


I won’t be there. I wonder if both a written transcript of the talk and a YouTube version is possible. I probably do look a lot like my avatar, but since I won’t be at Codeconf, it hardly matters.


I’ll check about the written transcript. I’ll definitely make my slides and any relevant speaker notes, links, etc available after the talk.


Thank you, Lee. I’m interested in a some form of written documentation of your talk (like a “transcript”) because I’m deaf. Slides and notes and any written materials are just great – I appreciate those – so you don’t need to go to extreme efforts for a verbatim transcript. The least intrusive way for me to say this is if you just happen to have some level of a write-up available, I’d be most grateful. No need to go to great efforts on my account, just whatever you might happen to have written is great. And thank you very much.