Who would pay for an atom plugin that would validate/lint AngularJS templates?


This topic’s purpose is to measure the market size for a product. The product is a plugin that would semantically validate/lint AngularJS templates.

The plugin’s design would focus on:

  • Low startup overhead (you would still feel like you are using atom, not an ide). (less than extra 100ms)
  • Extensible to understand all AngularJS custom directives, such as ionic framework. (and ability to add your own).
  • automatic detection of AngularJS template files, no extra magic npm package.json annotations, it is just smart out of the box!
  • low configuration required, reduce developer adoption overhead.

My business model is as follows:

$10.99 (USD) gets you the plugin, 1 one year of updates, commercial support on the products forum + issue tracking system. The plugins source code would be minified for performance and protection of core business value.

Please begin your comment with a :+1: if you would buy this, or :-1: if you would like to begin some ethical squabbles, and/or suggest a different business model (I am very keen on reading peoples thoughts about alternative business models, e.g. crowd-funding campaign, sponsorship from a larger organization, etc.). If you do suggest a different business model please detail how it would work, and how to overcome it’s inherit limitations.


:+1: I would buy this as long as the plugin didn’t get in my way, oh right, it met the design criteria you mentioned in the first post.