White spaces?


I am new to coding and have recently downloaded Atom.
I began coding a website. After saving it I closed it down and didn’t return until the next morning. Now, This is what happens when I open the program. I can’t code anything. I even uninstall it and reinstalled it.


Hi Cassandra. Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Honestly, I have little to no idea what to look for.
It does look like a rendering issue to me.

What might be helpful to the guys and gals here

  • which version of Windows do you have?
    (optional) do you know when last was it updated?

  • what is the specification of your graphics hardware?
    do you have on-cpu graphics and external GPU?

  • did you close Windows cleanly (shutdown) or used sleep?

  • after installing Atom, did you start using the software immediately or after a PC restart?

  • if you click on FILE, does it react?

For diagnostic purposes…

  • press Win+R

  • enter the command cmd to open the command prompt.

  • inside command prompt, enter atom --safe

  • 1> does Atom open?
    2> what do you see? …any change?

Good luck on finding this issue.
- Dan Padric