Which OS do you use?


Which OS do you use?

  • Windows 7+
  • Linuix(Ubuntu, etc)
  • Mac
  • Iphone/iOS/Ipad
  • Windows Tablet

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Please tell why!

(And yes, I do know I spelling Linux wrong.)


I created another result just for windows tablet, because they are really not popular any more


I wish I could submit different answers! I have 4 machines running Atom, 2 with OS X and 2 with Linux!


Windows PC because…

  1. That is what was traditionally popularly available in our area.
  2. Industrial software I use only runs on Windows… and only recently on later than Win7.

With virtual environments being more widely used, this situation may change.

PS: Spelling is LINUX - for older guys known as the ‘student version’ of UNIX.


@b3by You have more than one computer???

Idle conversation

Why is that strange to you. Think about it… there is value in ‘freezing’ a configuration at a certain level. Or simply not getting rid of older equipment.

I have Windows XP PC that is used to service projects dating before 2005. Some of those industrial machine are still strong in the service.


@StevenCopeland sure thing, I have 2 machines for my work (one desktop and one laptop) running Elementary OS, one very old Macbook pro and one Mac Mini. I mainly work on the desktop computer at work, but I still find myself using all the others regularly.

Completely agree with @danPadric. Old hardware is not at all bad hardware, and it can be useful to test configurations, to develop under specific circumstances, or to travel without much worrying.


I have a Win 10 Pro 64-bit Laptop and 4erDesktop.


That is true, but if you leave an old computer just sitting, then it can be hacked without you even noticing.


True yes. But who said the old stuff is on the grid? The idea is to ‘freeze’ the configuration,not add to it. So… no need to connect to the net.

Late note: Old hardware works also as in-house (no web) data servers; to them some server/client add-ons are required from time-to-time.


Having multiple computers around has allowed me to do a lot of experimentation with networking. I know how servers and routers and ethernet work not because I’ve studied them formally, but because I’ve played with hooking up the machines. I’m actually going to be loaning out both of my older laptops to different people in the next couple of weeks. My Raspberry Pi has been sitting idle for a little while, but I kind of want to turn it into a kitchen helper, which would involve me hooking up weight and temperature sensors.


If ever you get bored with the PC driven solution - have a look at the LOGO!


As an Terrapin Logo?


Introducing: The LOGO!


That’s an industrial control board and you have to have a Siemens account just to view the price. It’s probably hundreds of dollars at the low end (and probably only shipped in quantities of a hundred or more). The e-Bay listings are mostly around $100 and up. Why would I possibly want or need that when I can get a machine that will run Linux and has an ADC, wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI out, and four USB plugs for $35?


Never said it was cheap.
Never even said it is a viable choice for you.
Just said - if you are bored with PC driven solutions.
There is more to ‘programming’ than ‘computers’ and 'Ardiunos’
How to order if you are in the US

As a side note - The Germans use it as if it is a Rasbery-Pi.

Sorry Steven for hi-jacking the thread so, won’t blame you to flag it all for deletion… you have my permission.


If you’re gonna go there, why not go all the way and get an FPGA that can be reprogrammed on the fly? I could have the smartest kitchen in town.


Well ‘cough’ if you want to use a signal processor for it - go ahead. Though… your voice/visual commands will be nicely processed. Some call those a CPLD, if I am not mistaken. :slight_smile: I designed a mobile traffic light running on a 12V battery for a ‘school’ project.

I imagine the LOGO! is built with one of those FPGAs (not fully utiliized). But other manufacturers use microcontrollers.

A “micorcontroller” or “FPGA” is not packaged however for end user usage.


It is if you get a dev board or Arduino. They don’t come with cases, but there’s fun in building those, or buying a pretty one from Etsy.


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