Which Atom theme


I am learning from a Laracast Video. I think the author is using atom, but his code syntax theme is very fantastic. Any idea which theme he is using → https://www.screencast.com/t/51WvOD9XA8m


The black square icon in the title bar suggests that he is using Sublime Text. In theory, Atom could be made to look like that, but I haven’t seen a theme that I recognize in that picture.


Got it. thanks!


If you can’t find something, I suggest trying your hand at making something that looks like that. It’s good practice, and with an editor like Atom, the best way to learn it is to try to make it do something different from what it was capable of out of the box.


I have used the material UI theme and it looks somewhat similar. Here is a link:

The same author of that theme has several packages that follow the material ui philosophy. Here is a link:

Hope this helps.