Where to start?


I usually code with PHP (with codeigniter and some javascript plugins), and i know about electron from my friend who used atom.
I have an interested to build desktop apps using electron, but i got confused. What should i learn first?
node js first? then electron?
is it possible for electron to load javascript plug ins (such as bootstrap)?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english


You just need to know how to build a front end with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. A good place to start would be to take a front end that you currently use with your PHP/Codeigniter backend, and package it with Electron as a desktop app instead of a web page.

The next thing I would recommend checking out is the electron-packager (https://www.npmjs.com/package/electron-packager). The packager will allow you to well … package your app in a way that is suitable for end users. For example, I needed to use the packager to give my Electron app a custom icon.


Do i need to learn about node js too?


Not necessarily, unless you plan to use node


I would recommend it. Electron is designed such that it expects some tasks to be performed using Node’s APIs and therefore doesn’t provide them itself. Things like accessing the file system would be hard to do without using Node.