Where to report bugs if core and/or multiple packages might be at fault?


I love helping to squash all those little :bug: but it’s a little hard to know for a layperson like me which, if any, of the packages and/or core are at fault, and therefore, it’s hard to know where to even file the bug.
I end up creating a lot of duplicates, cross refs and confusion.

What to do?

Would this place be the place to triage bug reports into their respective (likely) offending packages?


Using the forum to figure out where to report bugs, seems sensible to me, but the meta category is not appropriate;

Either leave it uncategorized, or use the support or packages categories perhaps?


Yep … this would be the place! And we generally categorize bug reports as “support” … including questions about whether something is or is not a bug, etc …

“meta” is specifically for questions, suggestions and etc about the board itself instead of Atom.