Where to put grammar cson file?

I have created a grammar file for my own language. Since the language is called “boxes”, I put this grammar into a file called “boxes.cson”.

On my Windows 7 computer, I put this file into the folder: “.atom/packages/language-boxes/grammars”. Lo and behold! Syntax highlighted!

On my Mac (OS X 10.11.6), however, I don’t know where to put the file, so that Atom will automatically pick it up. I have tried to put it in “~/.atom” but my grammar does not show up in Atom, when I hit Shift+Ctrl+L.

Where should I put my grammar file on a Mac?
And, anticipating my next step, where should I put it in Linux?

The structure of the .atom/packages folder is the same for all platforms.

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Yes.You are right. The same path works on Mac too. Thanks!