Where to find recent notifications


Every time I open an Atom window, the spell check package displays a long notification that disappears before I have a chance to read it. It’s not the “create issue” kind with a button but it looks like some sort of warning or error. Is there a place where I can find recent notifications so I can actually read them? They don’t appear in the console.



If the package author has not chosen to log the message to the console, you’re going to have to reopen Atom and screenshot the message.


Ok thank you. It turned to be a message indicating a conflict between the default spell check package and linter-spell. Doesn’t look like the authors meant for the message to be read. Wouldn’t it make sense for the notifications package to systematically log messages somewhere?


That sounds like a great feature suggestion.


Actually, it’s just a matter of adding the following to your init script

atom.notifications.onDidAddNotification (notification) ->
  console.log notification.getMessage()

and the world’s a better place!


There’s also a PR to add a notifications log at https://github.com/atom/notifications/pull/164.


notifications-plus is a fork of the core notifications package that adds things like a log, a status bar count and more.