Where the list of icons class?


I been trying to look for the icons class. I just new at this.

icon-alert icon-check icon-hourglass icon-stop

I wanted to create some sort of tool bar without doing the drop menu that tend to repeat a lot. With the icon displaying their state. Not sure where it is location for the files. I didn’t find any on the docs pages. Need help finding the list of icons that can be display.


Most packages if not all use the github free octicon collection. Look at static\editor.less in the atom folder for an example of usage in a .less file.

Edit: Also search atom.io packages for toolbars. I am the author of one toolbar but it doesn’t use icons yet.

Edit2: See https://octicons.github.com


Thanks, that kind of help on the icons ref. But there is lack of detail. Guessing it need some docs update in some area. I just explore that out of the box idea to see if there are possible to with the editor builds.


Atom isn’t stable enough to have good docs yet. It is changing fast. Expect to see better docs when it hits 1.0.