Where is the open source


I don’t know where the open source is. I checked everywhere in the console, I can’t find it


What do you mean by “Where is the open source”? Do you mean the GitHub repository?


I mean like, if you wanted to check out what your html code looks like on a webpage, where would the button be for that? in Brackets, it’s in the upper right corner. It opens up a window with what you made


Ah… I don’t know if Atom has that functionality, I just alt-tab to my browser window


I’ll see if that works for me


Actually, the ‘open source’ is right in front of your eyes in your editor’s buffer :slight_smile: Just kidding, Anyway welcome to the Atom community!


There is a package named “web browser”. It allows you to view any HTML page in Atom. I believe it provides a live update function so that you can quickly see the effect of any change.

There are also a few packages with “preview” in their names, perhaps one of those is more appropriate.