Where is the Atom Package Manager located?(Resolved)


I can’t find it within the atom folder. Can someone please tell me where it is?

I’m trying to get the “linter-js-standard” package but it won’t download normally through atom so I decided to do the second approach but I cant figure out where it is.


It depends on what OS you’re running. Could you tell us that?

Additionally, Atom uses apm behind the scenes, so nearly always you won’t get different results when running apm directly.


I’m using Windows 10


The Atom binaries are at %USER%\AppData\Local\atom.


Is this what it is?

Because every time I run it it just closes really fast

Besides this folder there are these two


Okay, you’re misunderstanding what APM does. It’s a command line tool, so you need to run it from cmd.exe. Opening the APM binary from Explorer is the same thing as typing apm with no instructions into the command line, which will return a help dialog and exit. The window disappears because, once the program has exited, the terminal window has nothing else to do (and hasn’t received an instruction to stay open).

Now, because cmd.exe objectively sucks, I recommend you download cmder, which provides some Unix-like aliases and a few different open-source tools packaged together in a way that makes working in a command line on Windows feel less atrocious.

However, APM has some issues with cmd.exe, by which I mean that I’ve never actually been able to use it and get the results I expect. I think it has issues parsing the command when used via cmd.exe. Whenever I need to do something with APM, I use the shell git-bash that’s included in Git for Windows, but PowerShell also works and is already included with Windows.