Where is Atom>Install shell commands and how can I get my package onto atom


I made a package and everyone online says to use some apm commands to publish it to atom but I don’t even have apm commands or npm commands. I also don’t know how to install them because I cannot find install shell commands. I tried opening the zip file of apm commands from github that was made by atom but I cannot get it

I don't have an atom tab at the top and cannot install shell commands

Have you installed Atom via the installer or you just unpacked the zip?


They should be installed automatically. How did you install Atom? Did you use a standard installer from the Atom.io home page?


I used the standard installer from Atom’s site and I saw some screenshots but I do not have an atom tab at the top


I installed with installer, but I dont have an atom tab at the top


What do you mean by “I don’t have an atom tab at the top”?

The shell commands should not have anything to do with tabs…


@akshar13 What OS are you using?


It says on the atom site to go to atom then shell commands but I mean that I don’t have a tab at the top labeled atom, ie packages, view, help


It doesn’t work on windows or linux


So that’s it? It just doesn’t work on Windows or Linux? I too installed on windows and have no Atom tab, or apparently way to Install Shell Commands?