Where is all possible state that could affect Atom?


I have been building Atom from source. Previously, I was using v0.124.0. Today I did git checkout v0.139.0, ran script/build, and was able to use Atom for awhile, but it got into a weird state and now I want to go back to v0.124.0. I did git checkout v0.124.0 and script/build again. It took two tries, but it built successfully. However, when I start Atom, I get:

Obviously this is pretty bad. I tried deleting ~/.atom and /Applications/Atom.app before building, but things are still busted. What other files might I need to delete? Anything in ~/.npm? Could it be using versions of npm modules that are too new but were pulled from my cache?


I ended up doing a download from https://github.com/atom/atom/releases/tag/v0.124.0 and that’s working for me.


If you want to clean out all possible state that could affect the Atom build, then you can do a script/clean and then a script/build.