Where does the error "Invalid access to memory location" come from?


I tried to use electron together with edge.js and ran into the issue “Invalid access to memory location”. Searching on the internet showed, that this is a common issue and can’t be solved, so i shoud just use the package electron-edge. But nobody could came up with a usefull explanation of where the exception comes from. I solved my problem in another way and everything works fine now, but can anyone explain in detail why this exception is thrown?

The electron-edge package claims, that there are compatibility problems between the two packages, because they were build on different node-versions but i don’t think this is the reason. Edge comes with 3 precompiled binary-files for 3 different versions and so it supports old node-versions, too. If I want to use a different version of node, i got the exception, that there are no pre compiled binaries for this version. Now this seems to be the described error in the electron-edge package but not “Invalid access to memory location”.

Thank you in advance