Where do packages go when you Uninstall them?


I’ve been working on a package for the last week and I accidentally just hit the Uninstall button. The package seems to have completely vanished off of my hard drive. It’s not in the trash or anything. Is it gone for good?


apm uninstall calls fs.removeSync() then rimraf.sync() which is rm -rf for node.


That sucks. Oh well, guess I should of synced my package with Github more often. Seriously though, as I was developing my package sometimes I would have to disable and reenable it in the settings, and that button is right next to the Uninstall button. There needs to be some kind of prompt that ensures that the Uninstall was deliberate.


What you can do is apm link --dev and apm unlink --dev to enable and disable the package, your package is going to be symlinked to ~/.atom/dev/packages and you’ll need to open Atom in developer mode atom --dev


That definitely helps. @AbeEstrada