Where do I put configuration settings for the Config File


I am using todo-manager, which says:


regexes: An array of objects. eg. [{ regexName: "FIXME", regexString: "/\\b@?TODO:?\\s(.+$)/g" }]
ignoredNames: An array of strings. eg. [ '**/node_modules/**' ]
Note: the config for todo-manager will be empty since the default values aren't saved to the config file. If you want to keep the default settings you will also need to include the values below:

    regexes: [
        regexName: "TODO"
        regexString: "/\\b@?TODO:?\\s(.+$)/g"
        regexName: "NOTE"
        regexString: "/\\b@?NOTE:?\\s(.+$)/g"
        regexName: "FIXME"
        regexString: "/\\b@?FIXME:?\\s(.+$)/g"
    ignoredNames: [

Where do I put the config settings? Is the a config file?


You can find the config file in ~/.atom/config.cson


You can also get to your config.cson by searching for Application: Open Your Config in the Command Palette.