Where do I implement javascript on atom?


Hello my assignment is to create a long scrolling website, I know I have to create a file with the CSS and HTML but where does the Javascript go and how do I make sure is linked to my pages? Thank you


This question doesn’t really have anything to do with Atom. If you need general help with software development, there are lots of sites out there for that kind of thing such as Stack Overflow. A quick Google search for how to add javascript to my webpage turned up this:


thank you I meant to say how do I add javascript on Atom? thank you


I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you trying to edit a file? Are you trying to write an Atom package?


I am trying to create a long scrolling website using javascript on atom but I dont know where to add the javascript . I already have my CSS AND HTML

Thank you !!


The article I linked to above has information on where to add javascript in your HTML.


The wikihow? thank youu!!


Yes, the wikihow article.


thank you so much very helpful! so that means I need a javascript file linked to my html right? but what if the javascript file I created is on atom? I am a bit confused

Thank you so much


Atom is just a text editor. It allows you to create and edit text files. There is nothing special about the text files that you create or edit with Atom. So there isn’t anything special about JavaScript files created in Atom and nothing special you have to do.