Where do I find a .mobi version of the manual? How can I build it?


where do I find a .mobi version of the manual? How can I build it?

Ok, I’ve seen this:

So, there’s no way to create it? Except for … converting the html to .mobi?


The Flight Manual is written in markdown, so you’d want to convert that to .mobi. O’Reilly Atlas can do that, and probably other tools can as well.


Calibre is a nice ebook organisation tool. It also convert between all major format and has a good ecosystem of plugin.


FYI, the old Flight Manual infrastructure that did offer ePub and mobi formats used O’Reilly Atlas. We switched away from it because it had been end-of-lifed and was no longer supported (and therefore had lots of weird quirks and bugs).


Good to know.

I’m really surprised that Pandoc doesn’t. At least, it doesn’t say it supports mobi on its site.


Thank you for your replies.

A viable approach would be pandoc and kindlegen.
It took me a while to get the build process to work (needed to manually install a few more gems and adjust the Gemfile to accept my version of ruby: 2.3.3).

I’d expected to build a .md but I see that it’s html I’m building and there’s a server script to serve the html. The source is split into several .md files. Is there an efficient way to create one .md file out of this?

Alternatively, I’ve attempted the following from within the atom manual top level directory:
script/server # starts serving the manual at http://localhost:4000
pandoc --standalone -f html -t epub -o atom.epub http://localhost:4000
However, this just creates a 5-page .epub comprising the TOC.
I guess this is a pandoc and not an atom doc question, but if anyone has succeeded in creating a standalone .epub I’d appreciate some guidance.