Where do I add this? "fold-functions": autofold: true?

Can someone tell me how I’m supposed to add the following code and where?

autofold: true

I need to enable the ability for automatic folding to take place on python comments that start with #.


#this is a comment … If i fold this sentence the if statement gets folded
____ if statement

Most instructions would read.

Simply Open file X, paste it. Save.


Click File → Settings → SettingX
Click Option 84
Open Tab Script83 and paste the lines in there

See? Three lines of explanation or something similar :stuck_out_tongue:

You can turn on the auto-folding feature with the following in your configuration file:

autofold: true

What configuration file?! lol

Atom Toolbar > Edit > Config…

It’s certainly possible to change package setting by editing the configuration file, but I don’t think that anybody should ever do that.

You should change package settings directly in the user interface:

Preferences → Packages → Fold Functions

That way you don’t have to deal with the specifics of a CSON (or JSON) file. I find it unbelievable, that the author only mentions this error-prone option.

Thanks for your response.

I’m sorry, I cannot for the life of me find the Preferences button that leads to the Packages & Fold Functions?

In most software there would be a PREFERENCES tab somewhere on the top or under the FILE, VIEW, or EDIT tab.

Okay, let me google how to get to the preferences section. sigh

thank you for your help though.

Atom’s tab organization is absolutely terrible, but it’s very powerful in other ways, so it’s totally worth using.

I can’t edit my posts, so I have to respond again, lol.

I see File → Settings… If I go to settings, I do see an Install tab on the left, but it doesn’t show Fold Functions settings anywhere.

Is there some way to search the entire program to find what you’re showing me in that screenshot?

If I click Install under Settings, I don’t see Fold Functions Settings anywhere?

It’s not under Install, but under Packages

Personally, I think the separation has been a terrible decision, but here we go. One tool to make life easier is the package-settings package – it allows opening package settings for any package directory from the command palette.