Where can I find live help?

Is there a place I can go to get help with ongoing problems in an instant messaging system?]

Often these things require a back and forth and it can take days to resolve a problem on a forum. I have sent an invite request to the slack channel but I don’t know how long that will take or how active it is.

I will outline my most pressing current issue here as well because a few days is still better than never. I have inherited a very messy and badly structured codebase (electron+angular+forge) and although I should be able to sort it out eventually, I am having trouble making any headway at all. The most pressing issue is that I cant get the vscode debugger (or any debugger) to connect making it impossible to efficiently diagnose and resolve the many problems. If I had a debugger I would most likely be able to work through most other issues.

I followed the instructions here: https://www.electronforge.io/advanced/debugging#debugging-with-vs-code
This describes the process as ridiculously easy, and I followed the instructions but I get the error:

Electron forge was terminated:
Failed to locate startable Electron application

Clearly the code I am working with has a non-standard folder structure. Unfortunately I can find no discussion of this or similar issues, and I have no idea how I can point the debugger to the correct application entry Point. The app builds and runs (more or less) so forge itself clearly is able to find the application.

It is very demoralising to be told how easy something is and then spend hours failing at it, and also find no sources of help or information anywhere.

If this continues I will be forced to rebuild the application from scratch and I would rather not have to do that.

Thanks to anyone who read this far for your time. I am open to any suggestions including ones that question my entire approach.

Since there are few contributors these days I will venture to suggest that you do reconsider your entire approach. Trying to sort out a mess might be more painful than starting from scratch and thus taking more control over the final result.
As just one thought of many you might explore HaXe and the MessageChannel API.

Since you seem to be using VSCode that editor has rich set of tools for developing HaXe apps (but so does Atom if you dig deeper). HaXe can also compile an Electron app. My theory is that you will gain more from this new route rather than trying to remove the boulders from your current inheritance of code.