Where are unsaved files stored


When I start atom it brings up my untitled/unsaved files. I’m curious, where are these files stored?
I’m on Mac/OS.

Backup unsaved work

They’re stored in one of two places:

The old way was to store them in ~/.atom/storage but we recently redid how package data was serialized on exit for performance reasons, so now things should be stored in IndexedDB. You may still have an ~/.atom/storage directory if you’ve been using Atom for a while even though new stuff should end up in IndexedDB.


Did application.json get changed?


Yes, you’ll notice that with the current stable release if you:

  1. Exit Atom
  2. Delete ~/.atom/storage if it exists
  3. Start Atom and open some files in your project
  4. Exit Atom

~/.atom/storage will not be recreated because it is no longer used.


Negative. 1.9.9 still creates an application.json file on exit.


Well, in any case, the unsaved files are not stored there anymore.