Where are the directory of core packages stored on mac?


I want to modify html snippets. So I need find ‘language-html.cson’ in language-html package but I can’t.
I found the package successful in linux(ubuntu), Now I use mac and can’t find the directory anyway.
Thanks for your attention.


You would probably have better luck by overriding specific snippets in your snippets.cson. You don’t have to edit the package because you can just make a snippet that replaces the one from the package.

If you want to override a core package, the proper way is to clone the core package repo into a folder you use for development, run apm install if there are any dependencies, and then apm link. Reload Atom and it will load the code in your dev folder instead of the built-in core package. This is not advised unless you really know what you’re doing. I’ve done it to test changes for core packages.


Your advice is very helpful to me. I have resolved the problem successful by editing snippets.cson.
Thanks for your answer sincerely.Forgive my poor English.
Best Wishes.