Where are the built-in "git" sidebar tree colors defined?


Such as this orange:

How to change color showing git status?

They’re defined in the UI theme. For example, for the Atom Light UI, they’re here:



Strange, I was trying to darken the orange, but so far no change.

  1. Are you running in Dev Mode? Atom only automatically reloads themes on change if you’re running in Dev Mode.
  2. Are you changing the theme that Atom actually has loaded? For example, are you changing the theme in your development directory but it has the one in the packages directory loaded?
  3. If all else fails, try closing and reopening Atom.

Finally, you asked where the built-in colors are defined. I gave an answer for one particular UI theme because every UI theme can be different. Additionally, I can’t even begin to guess what is actually controlling the colors in your specific configuration. It could be any of the following:

  1. The UI theme
  2. The Syntax theme (it shouldn’t but it could)
  3. Your styles.less
  4. Any of the packages you have installed


I am editing my own syntax theme. I am using the stock “atom UI light” for the UI theme.

I see nothing in styles.less

I was copying the style definitions from the atom-ui-light less to my syntax theme’s less files.


Actually, .status-added { @syntax-color-added } is not a valid css rule. Use .status-added { color: @syntax-color-added; } instead.


Doh! Dumb error, good catch.

I was trying so much cutting and pasting I confused myself!


Is there some way to override stuff in a theme without losing changes when theme updates?


Yeah, you can put stuff in your styles.less. It’ll even carry across themes that way if you decide to change to a different one.