Where are some good examples of packages with UI (multiple dialogs, events, etc.)?


Am I simply missing them? I’m looking for example packages with more complex UI than just a button or label or one popup. How are people building the UIs? Space pen still? Manually (that makes a lot of code)? How are they handling events between everything? atom commands or something else?



Yes, that would be very interesting. I don’t know how it should be done, either. Right now, I can think of the Find/Replace functionality as a fairly complex UI. And then there are git-control and atomatigit, these seem to have comparatively complex UIs, too.


I assembled a list here some time ago:

git-contronl is the most ambitious I’ve seen, most other packages for Atom are fairly simple. As far as I can tell it’s all space-pen.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

I thought space pen was kind of going away.



The current one is supposed to be deprecated but they kind of forgot to offer anything else. You’ll see that the package-generator package uses nothing right now. They are planning on doing a new space-pen.


Thanks for the info, is there anywhere I can follow that news? I guess they’ll announce something on the blog too.