Where are packages installed in on Windows?


I recently uninstalled and reinstalled Atom (to solve some bugs). I was surprised to see that the packages I had installed persisted. Can someone expalin how it works - where does Atom store its packages?


generally, user folder would have a .atom\packages folder. Atleast I see it in Windows right now


Shouldn’t the packages be uninstalled once Atom is uninstalled?


looks like it is a known bug in windows…

This folder isn’t deleted on Mac or Linux on uninstall


This isn’t a bug. Atom doesn’t remove local configurations when you uninstall it, and that’s a very good thing because you don’t have to manually back up and then move back all of your stuff if you happen to, for example, decide to change from Atom to Atom Beta. Or if Atom is suffering from an unknown bug and you decide to reinstall it because you’ve tried everything else.


In my opinion a better solution is to ask (and perhaps recommend) so users have an option to delete local configurations and start from a complete zero.


It’s very easy to right-click on the .atom folder and select Delete, if that’s what you want, or rm -rf ~/.atom depending on your tastes and OS. There’s no GUI component to the uninstaller, so there’s no way to ask the user if the folder should be deleted.