When working on an HTML doc with embedded CSS, is it possible for Autocomplete to only show CSS suggestions when I'm working with CSS?

I’m migrating from Brackets right now and primarily do HTML, CSS, and JS work.

Currently, I’m working on an HTML file with embedded CSS. When I’m adding properties to a style and type a “D”, I get this:

However, if I’m working on a CSS file, I get only two suggestions - “display” and “direction” - which is what I actually want.

And if I try to type a value for a property, I get a similarly long list of irrelevant values. For example, I should only be seeing “block” and maybe “inline-block” as values for “display”.

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe there’s a setting or package I haven’t noticed?

I know I can swap the “grammar” to CSS, but if I’m going back and forth between HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the same document, that’s not very practical. (And I can’t split them into separate docs.)