When will I receive the invite ? What about color schemes?



I have a few questions. First, I asked for a beta invite a few day ago, and I was just wondering when I will get it.

I also want to know if I can use Sublime Text’s or TextMate’s color schemes (https://github.com/tomfl/Improved-sunburst)



Perhaps you could search on twitter for #atominvites. I think github prefer the buzz generated by ticket scalpers… :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m gonna look for some on Twitter as you said :wink:


If you drop your email somehow I can send you one.


Nevermind I found your address on your git patches. Sent.


Hey @adrientetar you think you can send me one too please? I would really like to use it :slight_smile:


Got one remaining. What is your email?

EDIT: editing because it won’t let me post anymore since I’m apparently a newbie.

I don’t have any invit anymore, it’s 3 per user and I can’t reclaim them when someone says he doesn’t want to use it (actually he accepted the invitation).
But those who got invited have 3 invits themselves. Maybe they can help you.


@adrientetar Thank you!!


Very nice of you, but atom.io just sent me the invite :wink:

I won’t use the invitation, you can offer it to someone else.
Thanks again !


If there’s an invite up for grabs, I’d be very much interested. If not, I’ll just eagerly await my invite request :).


you could send me and have one week to send my E- mail and nothing happens!


my E-mail fili06604@gmail.com


I don’t necessarily want to be ‘that guy,’ because this thread is just going to turn into a beg for invites thread. It seems like there should just be a timeline for beta invites, rather than absolute silence.


True. Since not constructive in any way, this thread should be closed.
About the beta invite. Why the vagueness and mystery? If you take your user base seriously, just be upfront. And just work on a FCFS basis, not giving ppl multiple invites to be used for tempting others into begging. I don’t see any technical reason for using this kind of beta invite process, other than creating a (cheap) rouse.