When will I get my Invite?


I signed up for beta program couple of hours ago.Any idea when will i get my invite?
Cant wait to get my hands on Atom.


I too am interested in this. Does anyone know what the general policy is for invite releases. Like, is the list a simple queue or are there other factors involved in deciding who gets an invite? And what has been the average time between invite requests and responses? Also, what kind of size is Github looking for in the beta test, and how close are we to reaching the cap?

Anyone around here with insight?


Me too…
I wonder when I can be invited…


My guess would be that it’s first come, first served since it’s a rollout and that’s how those usually work (sometimes also taking geographical location into account but that’s more useful for websites).

According to the faq they send out new invites daily:

This beta invite program is designed to let us carefully control how many new people get access to Atom each day so we can provide timely bug fixes and support responses.

I don’t think there are any other factors involved since you only provide your email address when signing up. They could of course use it to check out your Github account if it’s the same email address, but who knows, hard to tell, but I think it’s unlikely. They will of course have sent some invites to popular folk separately from the queue.

As for how long it takes to get an invite, no idea. I know someone who signed up 2 minutes after the announcement through the AtomEditor account on Twitter on February 26th and he got his invite 15 minutes later. I signed up about 50 minutes after the announcement and haven’t gotten an invite yet. Another programmer I know signed up about two hours after the announcement and is also still waiting for an invite.

So it looks like it’s at least a week of waiting, likely more. But try to see the positive side, when we finally get our invite, we won’t run into so many bugs and can instead enjoy the editor :slight_smile: They’ve already released quite a few updates. Although personally I have to wait for the Linux version anyhow, so I don’t care as much when I get an invite (although I am eager to check out the source).


I found my luck on IRC ##atom-invitation. I bought a cup of coffee for the guy invites me. You may chat a bit in the channel rather than begging for invitation. That’s what I did. :smile:


That or searching on social networks for invites as you can invite 3 people after you’re invited and lots of people give them out there if they don’t know anyone personally who’d be interested.


If anyone would care to send me one, my email is here.