When will Chromium be updated


The version of Chromium in Electron is far behind the current version of Chrome, which as of this writing is 60. Is there any plans on upgrading Chromium to the latest version and if so, when?

Is Chromium actually modified for Electron? If it isn’t, then is there any issue of a developer just including the latest version of Chromium in their build instead of relying upon Electron to provide this?


Electron 1.8.0 will ship with Chromium 59, the first beta might be out in a week or two. 1.9.0 will ship with Chromium 60, but I can’t guess how far out that is, you can follow the progress in this PR. And no, dropping in a new version of Chromium into Electron is not trivial, which is why Electron releases lag behind Chromium releases.


Is there a PR I can follow that tracks the release of 1.8.0 ?? . I hear nothing about it any longer… seems like it is either stalled or passed over to wait for Chromium 61… but since I can’t seem to find the discussion loop around here, I may be just out of touch… help…


I also wait for 1.8, we urgently need those pointer events working. No information anywhere.


The 1.8.0 release has been delayed due to some tests failing, hopefully
that will get sorted out next week. The upgrade to Chromium 61 is already
underway (skipping Chromium 60), there is no ETA yet, see