When using atom and my gulp file is on watch, and keystroke activates the watch task


Basically i noticed that the terminal that had my gulp file running under watch, would active the watched tasks, so in order to sort this out I was wondering what it could be, and i noticed that every time i worked in atom, it would trigger.

so tested this with several other apps like chrome, twitter etc even mac desktop and another terminal window, but it was only when i was within atom and with in the watched files.

EG i would ad a ew lines of code in my scss file and without saving my sass task would run?


If you have the autosave package enabled, I believe there is currently an issue with autocomplete-plus. Essentially, the autosave package saves things when the editor loses focus. I believe the autocomplete suggestions list counts as “losing focus”, thereby saving your file.

The simple workaround is to disable the autosave package.


Thanks for this will give it ago, i actually ‘cmd S’ virtually every new line as a reaction, so im my own auto save. :smile: