When the single line is very long, atom will run slowly


if single line, that very long, the atom can’t run well.
you could test for the line text, about 4k bytes, you can apear that.
plz check it.

in mac osX 10.9 atom is the newly version.

Editor lags badly when editing a minified file

I try to open a .js file with about 150,000 charactors(contains Chinese string) in a single line, and the process lasts several minutes.

Using Sublime Text, only 1 second is needed. The experience is so bad.


As stated on the bug that was opened, this is a known issue:

Just linking it here for people that may find this topic in the future.


+1 i’ve noticed this with comparatively small base64 strings in JS files: https://gist.github.com/gstack/357ed1cbdb1642f26a4b (the first line of base64 causes a slowdown equivalent to the much longer one below it…)

strange no?