When porting to Linux, please consider making custom window decorations in the style of a GTKHeaderbar


Just wanted to throw a request out there; that when you guys decide to port to Linux that you should consider making your own “CSD/GTKHeaderbar”-like element to handle the appmenu and window frame.

One of my biggest pet peeves with trying to find an IDE right now for my Arch Linux box running GNOME 3.12, is finding an editor that utilizes the modern window styles.

You could detect if the end-user is using a distro that is using the modern window decorations or using the appmenu-indicator/hud and then serve accordingly.

EDIT: Just please, for the love of god, DON’T throw them in a GTK2 menu and call it a day. But If you have to go that route, please give us the option of building out the app ourselves. This might sound OCD, but it really distracts me during work.

Sublime vs Gedit: http://cl.ly/image/1l1a2Y2c0V0I.
note: Gedit is too basic and feature lacking to be my default. Brackets was okay, but I really wasn’t digging their “brackets shell”.

Reference: http://worldofgnome.org/implementing-gnomes-csds-with-nw-window-api/


Can’t help to say that I was more than a little disappointed after building Atom. Please tell me there is a way to make a chromless atom shell. if not, what’s the point and why not just use nodewebkit?


Edit: I saw there is frameless window support for atom shell. I guess I know what my weekend project will be


@nikolowry: Let us know how you get there! (And, maybe add a PR to the atom core to put it behind a build flag?)


@bjmiller here’s what I got after a night of tinkering:

Day 1. Remove frame/menu, add elements that will make the headerbar, make the app edges draggable, flattened/refine default UI theme, and skinning of scrollbars

Show Atom: Atom Editor w/ custom window decorations [POC]

@nikolowry Any chance you could share the changes you’ve got so far?


Yep, I spun it off into a new post earlier this week Show Atom: Atom Editor w/ custom window decorations [POC]