When opening a new pane, close the focused file instead of 'copying'


Right now if you open a new pane while focused on a file, it creates the new pane with that file opened in it, but does not close that same file in the other pane. While this is a nice feature to have as an additional command, I think that by default opening a new pane should open the focused file in that pane, but close it in the other.


The terminology is technically Split pane, so it makes sense that it copies the current view.

I agree however, that perhaps there should also be an Open new pane function, to just open a blank new pane, however, right now there is a Destroy empty panes setting in core, which you’d need to disable if you’d want it to work.


Emphasis on the “also”. Sublime defaults to opening a new pane and I wrote a plugin to split instead.