When open a file the code is in one line


I’ve started using ATOM and really love the idea.

Now I am facing a problem that keeps me working on Notepad++.

when i open a project that I was already working on Notepad++, I see the code in one line, while in Notepad++ I see the code line by line. Let me show:

I have been looking around the forum but did not find a problem like this. And, of course, been playing around with the ATOM configuration and no luck.

Converted it from UTF-8 to ANSI and the problem persist.

I am working on WINDOWS 7 PRO.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.



So I have CREATED A BLANK FILE USING CLASSI WINDOWS NOTEPAD and pasted the code with break lines and saved it.

Open it with ATOM and everything was OK.

Went back to Notepad++ and the break lines where there.


The problem is with line endings. You can tell which line ending the file uses by looking at the status bar (this is true in both programs). Since Atom supports LF and CRLF endings, the first file was probably using CR endings. Both programs also support switching line ending types.


Thanks for the information. I found the lines options in ATOM.

Will continue using it. Once again, thanks!