When in the next package round up blog


Wondering when is the next package round up blog. Hoping my new package (preview-plus) would get a mention :innocent:


Hi @skandasoft, not sure when will be next package round up, but I will surely write about it at my blog, I will let you know when that happens. I want to play with the package first :slight_smile: At the first look it looks good, great work!


More developers should promote their packages like you want to. When my live-archive was mentioned in the blog it got 600 downloads. I am always surprised when someone publishes a decent package and tells no one.

I always put the full readme for my package in an announcement here. I also mention a package when it relates to the subject of a thread. I assume if I get to be a nuisance @leedohm will slap my hand.

I have a package called vanity on my to-do list that would use the atom.io API to record all activity on my packages and then graph it in Atom.


Thankyou @Trudko and @mark_hahn. It is not a perfect package. But I wanted some feedback for which I need people to look at it!!