When in fullscreen mode, opening a new project/window no longer opens as a new window tab


I recently did an update to 1.19.5. Before, if I was in fullscreen mode and opened a new project or window, the new window would be added as a window tab at the very top. Now, it opens it as a completely new window. Is there a setting for opening fullscreen windows under new tabs?

This is especially frustrating when mixed with the Opening new project in fullscreen mode causes exit of fullscreen mode bug.


Below is an extract from V1.20-Beta7 under Windows7 ->

+ Green opens as a tab.
- Red open in a new window

Could you try to explain again - please.
Do you have the same behaviour now?
Which behaviour did you have before?


This is related to this issue:


tl;dr is that the native Mac tabs introduced some bugs, which have been fixed, and the feature is being re-enabled in 1.21.0.