When im trying to enter a path called main.lua to the file, it keeps saying "EPERM: operation not permitted' need help


Why can't I make a file called main.lua on atom

Is that file hidden @StuffyMcMuffins?

Also, can you reproduce the error in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Oh sorry, for some reason I thought you were having trouble saving a file. A few more questions though for completeness:

  • can you share your version details:
atom -v
apm -v
  • is the error reproducible
  • are you having trouble with just that one file?


if by reproducible you mean that it keeps happening, then yes. It only happens when I go through LOVE. Aloso, how do I do that safe mode thing?


how do I check my version details?


EPERM is short for “Permission Error”, and the problem is the fact that you’re trying to write code inside C:/Program Files on Windows 10. That’s a protected folder, and it’s protected so that you know for sure that everything in there was given permission to be there by the administrator. Atom does not have the capability to edit files inside that folder unless you run it as administrator.

You should not be developing inside that folder. Almost anywhere else is better (except for C:/WINDOWS).


Ohhh totally spaced on the path, thanks for the :eyes: @DamnedScholar.


Ok, but in order to use LOVE, it says I need to go through that file


What is LOVE?

Now that song is stuck in my head. :slight_smile: