When I save a latex file Atom adds estrange characters

I thought it was a problem of an old version, but I use the latest version of Atom and I keep on having the same problem. When I save a tex file Atom fills indentation with estrange characters, recently it were 7s, today 4s:

4 4\renewcommand{\arraystretch}{1.75}%
4 4\begin{tabular}{|p{1.2cm}|p{1,8cm}|p{7.3cm}|p{2.6cm}|} \hline
4 4 4\multirow{2}{*}…

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Does this happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?

No, I usually start Atom from the desktop, not from the command line.

I didn’t ask you how you start Atom. I asked you if the weird behavior occurs when Atom is in safe mode. To get to safe mode, you have to use the --safe switch, and the fastest way to do that is on the command line.

I get the weird behavior in the ordinary mode. I’ve never started Atom in safe mode. Should I?

Yes, that’s what he’s asking for. No one uses safe mode for normal use, it’s for debugging issues like this.

It disables all community packages; if the issue persists, it’s an Atom issue. If it goes away, you need to find which package is the problem and work it out with the maintainers.

I’ve tried under --safe mode and it seems that there’s no problem when saving tex file. Probably the problem it’s caused by some package I installed.

Thank you for your help. I’ll keep on investigating.

To the benefit of doubt: knowing that it can be produced by a package, not by Atom, I’ve tried another thing and realized that if I disabled atom-beautify the error disappear. Probably this package, that works with another languages but LaTeX, tried to beautify my tex files and caused this error.

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