When do issues go under the `atom/docs` repo tagged with `atom.io` vs. under the `atom/atom.io` repo tagged with `documentation`?


How do I determine which of the following 2 places to open tickets related to documentation on the atom.io domain?

  • atom/docs repo tagged with atom.io
  • atom/atom.io repo tagged with documentation

(Since I’m not an owner I can’t tag tickets myself, but I hope my question is otherwise clear. :slightly_smiling:)


If it’s about the Flight Manual specifically, it goes in the atom/docs repo.

If it is about the content of the API documentation, it should go in the repo for the part of the API the feedback is for, so feedback about the TextEditor documentation would go to atom/atom but TextBuffer would go to atom/text-buffer.

If it is about anything else to do with the atom.io website, then it goes in the atom/atom.io repo.