When developing a plugin, changes not loaded on Atom refresh


I’m currently developing a new Atom plugin and running into this issue. Any changes I make to the package aren’t reflected in the Atom interface when I run Window: Reload. I’ve already run apm link from my package’s root directory, and I’ve verified the symlink to my package has been set up correctly in ~/.atom/packages.

As an example, I renamed the default command, toggle, to showIdentifiers and made sure it was registered in the main setup file via atom.commands.add. However when I run Window: Reload, the Packages -> context menu still shows the old toggle command. Running the toggle command produces no console output, no errors, no anything.

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated!


It would be easiest if you shared the GitHub repo. Then someone could download your package and see what commands appear for them.


Sure thing. The Github repo is this guy: https://github.com/camertron/innuendo-atom


The menu command is specified here. So, even though there’s no toggle left, the part of Atom that assembles the menu still thinks that it’s there.


@DamnedScholar Ah that was totally the problem. Thanks for answering this n00b’s dumb question!


No problem. :slight_smile: