When Atom become available on Linux and Windows?


There’s anyway I can get Atom and build it for my operating system without waiting for the official package releases? I noticed the official repository @ https://github.com/atom contains only plugins and stuff … so where is the main application code is located and where are instructions to build Atom (assuming it’s available) ?


Atom (most likely) won’t be fully open source. See the FAQ. The core looks like it’ll be staying closed.


I see now … they gonna charge some price for it, so i’m pretty sure most of it won’t be open sourced than.
Than to the next quest, when Linux and Windows versions would be available from download?

I don’t have a Mac, and I probably won’t be ever buying one.
I do have two Linux installations (Arch, Ubuntu) on workstation and Windows 8.1 on my laptop.
any estimation on binary release for other systems as well?


It’s been confirmed to be in the works, but there is no estimated release date. There is a lot of core features that will take precedence over releasing it on multiple platforms.

From a technical level, Linux should be much easier to port to (Unix-ish -> Unix-ish), but the demand for Windows is most likely going to be higher so who knows which will come first.


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