When are updated core packages included in an official atom release?


For example, the latest release for the language-python package is 0.51.1, and it looks like it was on 0.50.1 when atom 1.28.2 was released. But atom 1.28.2 includes version 0.49.5.

Also, how does Atom decide to release a new version? They seem to have a branch for each minor version number, how are these used?


My understanding is that the package versions are locked when the beta version is updated, and rarely will non-bugfix changes make it in after that point. The release cycle for Atom is pretty quick, but if you would like to override the built-in version of the package with a more recent one, I can tell you how to do that (I will need to know whether you use git and what operating system you’re running).


Cool. I was just curious because I’ve been contributing to some of the packages, I don’t actually need any new packages right away. Thanks!