What's your workflow?


Hi everyone,

I am a WordPress theme builder (I control styles using sass/scss) and I was wondering if someone could share with me their workflow in building sites/themes from scratch and how they modify existing sites.

Prior to using sass I would build themes/sites for my clients in a ‘live’ test environment; being that for each client, I would create a new subdomain off the backbone of my own site (restricting public access) which worked really well!
Now that I’m using sass (and therefore my stylesheet needs to be compiled), I need to build my sites locally which I’m not a huge fan of considering I don’t want to clog up my machine with my client’s sites.

Can anyone (in a similar position) recommend a workflow that works best in building a WordPress site/theme with Atom (keeping in mind sass {I’ve looked at some packages for this}) but removing the burden of running/testing my client’s websites on my own local machine.


I believe this is nothing to do with atom support tag. Can you move to uncategoriezed ?

And the question is tooo broad . For me , i use less for stylesheets.
for updating at client machine , i use mercurial or git.