What's your favorite package?


Anything really stand out to anyone as a must-have, or as something really clever that has a lot of potential? Personally I can’t live without https://atom.io/packages/block-travel .


Yep great package mate except the alt-shift-up or alt-shift-down doesn’t seem to work anymore since I upgraded to 0.70.0!


Is it an issue with your keybindings? When it stopped working for me it seemed to be because another package was using the same binding with higher specificity.


@ConnorHolyday solved! thanks :smiley:
Emmet was the culprit :wink:


no problem @aesarius! If you open the keybinding resolver with cmd-. you can see what keys are running what commands as you enter them. It looks like this:


@thedaniel Thanks mate!
I didn’t know about the keybinding resolver… awesome feature :smiley:
Will come in handy for sure with all those packages being pushed right now!


Personally, my favorite is CSS Color Highlighting. Simple package, but very, very useful for me.


@leedohm you should definitely have a look to this one then: https://github.com/abe33/atom-color-highlight

I find it far more complete and the source code is really close to what the Atom team did with official packages.


Really a big fan of Toggle Quotes. Helps because for Rails development, there is a huge difference between the two and sometimes I need to switch between them when adding something.


As a front-end dev, my favorite is Emmet


For me it’s between editor-settings and Emmet.


To run build, test, daemon, server I use terminal-status. It can open multiple terminal and show different color on status icon depend on the state of running process.